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Aust-Link recognises the major training challenges faced by the Transport and Distribution Industry is to not only up skilling needs across all sectors but to improve the application of those skills in the workplace.

The courses and services illustrated on this website are designed to address this need and comply with relevant Government Legislation and Regulations, which require personnel to hold certificates of competence of special endorsed driver licences.

To assist companies achieve trained personnel Aust-Link is able to offer Nationally accredited training subsidised by limited funding provided by the State Government of Victoria.

Aust-Link Pty Ltd is committed to a policy of access and equity, providing such services including literacy, numeracy, interpretation and assistance to potential clients with disabilities, for the development of knowledge and skills to obtain qualifications.

For an accredited, nationally recognised course or training tailored to particular needs of your company please contact Aust-Link Pty Ltd.

Aust-Link Pty Ltd aspires to be acknowledged nationally as an enriching Training Provider of Excellence in Vocational Education & Training thus ensure Aust-Link Pty Ltd is regarded as pioneers and experts in what we do – creative in training originality, resourceful in establishing networks & national training partnerships.

In the seventeen years that Aust-Link Pty Ltd has been a Registered Training Organisation we have earned the reputation of being one of regional Victoria’s leading Private Training Organisations.

From the very beginning, the aim of the Directors was to drive the skills & workforce development agenda across the industrial sectors which encompasses:

  • Transport & Logistics
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Civil Construction Infrastructure
  • Resources Industry (Mining)

These industries are all characterised by immense diversity in occupations, workforce development needs, business types, sizes and locations.

From humble beginnings in 1996 in the Sunraysia region of North- West Victoria, we have worked tirelessly to establish a skilled, vibrant and adaptable Education & Training environment so vital to our industry sectors in maintaining an appropriately skilled workforce.

Established by Directorys, Ms. Jan Phillips and Mr. Gordon Jennings, Aust-Link Pty Ltd has continued to grow and expand its operations.

To reflect this growth, Aust-Link Pty Ltd has developed a “State of the Art” training complex in Mildura as well as an office in Bendigo.

The Mildura training complex attracts many clients from the neighbouring states of South Australia and New South Wales as well as from other regions of Victoria so it really has grown into a genuine regional training complex.

We have dedicated ourselves towards providing training course of the highest standards working in partnership with industry, sharing knowledge and expertise to develop a wide range of industry relevant courses.

Our Vocational Education & Training course support existing employees to have their skills formally acknowledged, developed and recognised as well as providing an avenue for young people or the unemployed to identify a clear and defined vocational pathway to help them begin their careers in the industry sector we support.

Aust-Link Pty Ltd is also committed to develop the skills and qualifications needed by the general community and those individuals preparing for entry, re-entry or changed entry into the workforce.

We are particularly proud of our programs directed at ensuring entry to the workforce for:

  • Indigenous Australians
  • Mature Age persons
  • New residents to Australia
  • Career change persons
  • Workers who are casually employed and need to expand their skills sets for permanent employment.

Aust-Link Pty Ltd understands skilling needs. Understanding and capturing industry skills and workforce needs and translating them into training options that best meet the needs of industry, employers and individuals lies at the core of Aust-Link’s workforce training programs.

  • Dynamic Training Environment
  • Developing 21st century skills
  • Introducing training and assessment to remove barriers to training and increase lifelong learning.
  • Flexibility in response to the preferences of employers.
  • Content that is clearly and immediately relevant to the business
  • Consistency and reliability in training quality
  • Delivery by consistently high quality trainers who are well informed about the industry occupation and whose principal motivation is to improve skills.
  • VET in schools programs that embed national training competencies into the school curriculum.
  • Pre-employment strand targeted at individuals not in the workforce.
  • Upskilling strand targeted at improving the productivity and skills of the existing workforce.

Training is essential to the achievements of Business. Cultivating workplace skills, knowledge and attitudes allows the employee greater sense of worth and value and if an employee thinks a company values him/her, that sentiment is carried into their work ethic.

Companies that provide ongoing training programs to strengthen employee skills and knowledge can reap the rewards of increased quality and quantity of work output.